5 Benefits of Pinterest Marketing for Your Market Stall

Stand out from the crowd and increase your sales this market season with Pinterest Pincodes.

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It’s market season!

You’ve been accepted for your favourite market stalls, stocks have been replenished, insurance is all paid up, packaging and payment methods sorted, business cards and flyers printed, social media marketing done. Is there anything you’ve missed?

If you feel like there’s more you can do, there is! And it’s OK if it’s (kinda) last minute. Pinterest has a great feature that can help your future customers find exactly what they want before they visit your market stall. It’s called a Pincode and it’s super easy to use.

You probably have very little spare time between now and the market, so here’s a quick rundown of how you can use Pinterest Pincodes to dazzle your customers and find new fans.

Why Use a Pinterest Pincode?

A Pincode is a free visual marketing tool that helps customers discover your products and your brand. All you need is a Pinterest business account and a printer (optional).

Use your main product board or create a Pinterest board that includes all the products you’ll be selling at the market, then create a Pincode, upload it to your socials and your email list and let people know you’ll be selling all those items at your market stall. Benefits:

  1. It’s easier to see all your products on one Pinterest board than it is to look through your website or browse a crowded market stall.
  2. People can save the items they like to their own Pinterest board. When they arrive at your market stall, they can show you their Pinterest board and you can quickly locate the item(s) for them. This will save them time and free up precious space at your market stall.
  3. If they can see what you’re selling beforehand, it can give them more encouragement to attend.
  4. If your market stall is busy and you have your Pincode printed and on display in a clear stand or wherever you display your socials, people can scan it and look at your products in their own space without fighting the crowd at your stall.
  5. Ask people to follow you on Pinterest by scanning the Pincode.

How to Create Your Pinterest Pincode

1. On your mobile or desktop, open the Pinterest board you want to create a Pincode for.

2. Click the icon circled in the image below.

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3. Then you’ll see the screen below. Either download the Pincode or change the image by clicking the button and scrolling through the images on the board until you find the one you want and then create the Pincode. You can create multiple Pincodes with multiple images for the same Pinterest board.

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Upload your Pincode to Instagram or Facebook

You can upload a Pincode to Instagram or Facebook and tell your fans they can find all your products on the board that opens when they scan it. Then they can save the ones they want to try on at the market.

How to Use/Scan a Pincode

This 40 second video (with sound) shows you how to scan a Pincode. Or simply follow the instructions at the bottom of the Pincode - open Pinterest, tap the camera button and point it at the Pincode.

How to Print a Pincode

When you print the Pincode, first print it without changing the size then use the instructions in the video above to make sure it works. If you need to increase or decrease the size of the image, make sure you keep the aspect ratio of the image and do the test again - print it once and test that it works. Changing the dimensions can make it unusable, so be sure to test it first.

You can now display the Pincode at your market stall and encourage your fans to follow you on Pinterest, so they can see when you've posted new products.

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