Pinterest Marketing - Is It Right For Your Business

Is Pinterest is right for marketing your small business? This post covers how your customers use Pinterest, reasons to add Pinterest to your marketing strategy, why your business should use Pinterest and whether your customers are on Pinterest.

If you’re not using Pinterest as part of your marketing strategy, you’re missing an important opportunity to reach potential new customers, globally.

Pinterest shapes which products people buy, the brands they choose and how much they spend.

And it can drive more referral shopping traffic than social platforms.

Discover how Pinterest can help your business…

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What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a unique platform where people go to discover things that make their lives better. It’s not a social tool and it’s not an ecommerce marketplace, but rather a place to be inspired and to focus just on what you want for your life, yourself and your loved ones.

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People (or Pinners) use Pinterest to plan, learn, experience and buy. This screen shot shows my personal Pinterest account on my mobile phone. The 3 montages you see there are called boards. Boards are where Pinners categorise their pins (images they’ve saved).

The Food board is where I save recipes etc. that I plan to learn and experience. The Home board is where I plan for future renovations and products to buy. The Jewellery board is where I plan to buy jewellery. I can spend hours finding useful things for my life on Pinterest, but I don’t want to use or buy them all immediately, so I save them to a board.

Let’s say I want to buy some earrings. The first thing I do is look on my Jewellery board to see if I’ve already saved something I want to buy now. I then click on the earrings I want to buy, and I’ll be taken straight to that listing on the seller’s website, where I can buy them. If I’m in the mood for something different that isn’t on my Jewellery board, I might search on “Silver Earrings”. This will show me a massive selection of silver earrings that I can choose from, or further refine with terms such as “Silver Earrings Simple” until I find what I want to buy.

In a nutshell, that’s how and why people (your future customers) use Pinterest. But it’s not how marketers use Pinterest.

Why Your Business Should Use Pinterest

Pinterest has over 440 million monthly users globally, who use it to find new things to do and buy. This represents a huge international market you can tap into.

Pinterest is a marketing tool for your business. Marketing brings

getting them in to browse, and ideally buy your products. This is one of the greatest uses of Pinterest for marketing small businesses - to get the right buyers (or referral traffic) to visit your site. Once they’re in, your site layout, policies and services encourage them to purchase.

Marketing your business on Pinterest isn't about posting pretty pictures, adding some hashtags and hoping for the best. It involves SEO and marketing techniques to engage potential customers with your products or services.

It doesn’t cost anything to use Pinterest as a marketing tool for your business, so you can generate a truck load of referral traffic to your website without paying for advertising. On the other hand, if you’d like to run a marketing campaign, all the tools you need are available for that too.

70% of Pinterest users say they’ve discovered a new brand or product from business content on Pinterest. Because users don’t typically search for branded products, they’re open to discovering new brands and styles that satisfy their individual needs, rather than those of the masses.

People use Pinterest to shop for new and different products. So logically, if you want to market your products online, it fits that you would do so on Pinterest.

Pinterest has the ability to deliver the following benefits for your business, depending on your strategy:

  • boost sales, both online and instore
  • grow email lists
  • engage both new and existing customers
  • build awareness of your brand
  • understand customers and potential customers in new ways
  • increase the number of people that visit your website

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Watch Your Traffic Take Off

Through leveraging Pinterest, building a solid foundation and applying great SEO practices, your level of engagement will really take off, as the graph below shows. This customer’s pins went from under 1000 views per day to over 20,000 in 2 months.

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Significant increases in engagement are achievable for every customer.

It’s the ongoing commitment to and management of your account that sets your business up to achieve huge referral traffic from Pinterest to your site. This customer’s data shows one month’s worth of traffic to their Etsy store. Pinterest brought in over 50% of all traffic for the month – 4,682 visits for a small PDF downloadable business. This was organic Pinterest traffic – no Pinterest advertising was used at any time, before or during the month.

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Are Your Customers on Pinterest?

If your products or services fall within any of these categories, you’ve got a large, international market ready and waiting for your unique products and services on Pinterest. Almost anything you can think of that relates to people’s lives and lifestyles has a market on Pinterest.

  • Jewellery – everything imaginable from all over the world
  • Weddings – wedding planning, bridesmaids, stationery, groomsmen, flowers
  • Gifts – gifts for teachers, boyfriends, mothers, groomsmen, best friends, families
  • Art – all styles of art imaginable, art for rooms of the home, art as gifts, art framing
  • Stationery – printable planners, printable lists, invitations, greeting cards
  • Furniture & Furnishings – chairs, rugs, indoor, outdoor, bed linen, kitchen cabinets
  • Health & Fitness – mobile apps, workout gear, planners, diet recipes, coaches
  • Fashion – Women’s, Men’s and kids’
  • Technology – gadgets, design, educational, accessories, wearables, science
  • Education – tools, games, apps, art, lesson plans, English, Science, Music, life skills
  • Pets – products, accessories, toys, training tools, health, food, recipes, breeds
  • Hair & Beauty – products galore for all ages, tutorials, event-related hair & beauty
  • Food & Beverages – alcoholic beverages, recipes, products
  • Entertainment – room decorations, cakes, event planning, movies, costumes
  • Gardening – landscaping services, design, plants
  • Kids – technology, education, fashion, bedrooms, parties, play houses, games, art
  • Photography – weddings, nature, travel, fashion, portraits, family, architecture
  • Travel – guides, photography, products, cameras, fashion, accessories, luggage
  • Sports – clothing, equipment, posters, memorabilia, hairstyles, accessories
  • Cars – yes, even cars

This is by no means a full list, so if you’re still unsure whether there’s a market for your business on Pinterest, drop me an email at


Advice for Your Business

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