What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a fun and creative tool for users and businesses alike. It is also a very powerful tool, because people use it to learn, plan and buy; at the same time making their preferences known to Pinterest through their searches, interests and things they buy or save. This creates the perfect opportunity for businesses to showcase their brand, products and services on the platform.

But what is Pinterest? Pinterest is both a text and visual search engine that stores and indexes over 100 billion ideas for its 440 million+ users (Pinners) to browse, learn, save or buy. These ideas each appear in the form of a Pin, a visual bookmark which can be an image or video that links to a website and/or allows users to make a purchase. 75% of these Pins are uploaded by businesses as part of their marketing strategy.

Pinners love Pinterest images to be meaningful and to illustrate how products can be used in real life. This helps them imagine themselves wearing those jeans, making that recipe, using that device or taking that next step.

Pins can be explored, purchased or saved for later to Boards. Pinterest Boards are like digital pin boards. They are collections that mean something to the Pinner, such as Shoes, Italian Holiday, Gadgets, Funny Animals, Ideas for Pete’s Birthday, Bathroom Design.

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Business marketers can use Pinterest for connecting and engaging with their target market, building brand awareness, boosting sales, growing their email lists and increasing the number of visits to their websites.

These can all be achieved through creating beautiful, useful content, resulting in organic growth. They can also be achieved through various advertising options, ranging from DIY ad creation through to enterprise solutions and working with advertising partners.

There are 2 types of Pinterest account, a regular account and a business account. The business account provides features such as:

Analytics to understand your market and performance of your Pins, boards and campaigns Stats to monitor Pin performance Showcase prominently displays 1-5 of your boards like a billboard at the top of your profile page Advertising tools - Rich Pins, Buyable Pins, Promoted Pins and advertising campaigns There are several third-party partner tools available to help businesses and marketers make the most of Pinterest. The entry level packages for these tools vary, but generally provide the ability to schedule Pins, analytics to measure Pin success and some simple profile, board and website metrics. All of which make Pinterest marketing a much smoother and better-informed process. Popular among small businesses is Tailwind. BoardBooster is also popular, although is not a Pinterest partner. And of course, Google Analytics is another great source of information about Pinterest traffic to your website.

Pinterest estimates that it takes about 15 seconds to create an account, so what are you waiting for?

Get Pinterest from https://pinterest.com/ or download it from the App Store or Google Play.

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