Why You Need to Promote Your Etsy Shop on Pinterest

If you're an Etsy seller whose heard that Pinterest is great for bringing people to your shop, but you're not sure why, you're in the right place! In this post, we look at similarities between Etsy and Pinterest, why they work together so well and some compelling reasons why you need to use Pinterest to promote your Etsy shop.

Pinterest has over 440 million monthly global users (Pinterest Jan 2021), who use it to find new things to do and buy. This represents a huge international market that you can tap into, on top of your Etsy marketplace.

Pinterest can provide great exposure for your products. For example, this image shows the top 2 lines of search results on “trending wall art” from 13th January 2018. A full 50% of the products shown here were pinned from Etsy shops, meaning Pinterest can provide great exposure for your shop too.

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About Your Pinterest Audience

Pinterest users (or Pinners) shop for products and inspiration on Pinterest. In fact, 67% of Pinners say they’ve discovered a new brand or product from business content on Pinterest. Etsy users shop for unique products on Etsy. If you can sell it on Etsy, then you’ll probably have a market for it on Pinterest.

Take a look at the Pinterest user information below to see if you think it’s a good platform to market your business.

Pinners are Shoppers

Pinterest users typically go there to find or shop for products. A 2016 study found that 55% of Pinners use it to find and/or shop for products. It’s closest competitors among the social networks were Facebook & Instagram at 12% each.
(Source: Mary Meeker’s 2016 Internet Trends Report for KPCB)

Where Pinterest Users Live

Just under half of all Pinterest users are US-based, which means 50%+ live outside the US, in countries such as the UK, South Africa, Canada, Australia, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Turkey, Poland. This provides amazing reach for your products.

Women on Pinterest

70% of Pinterest users are women, mostly between the ages of 25 and 54 and we all know women love to shop! This aligns with Etsy’s predominantly female buyers.

Men on Pinterest

If you sell products/gifts for men or gifts for women, you’ll be targeting 60 million men on Pinterest, versus 4.4 million male buyers on Etsy (Source: DMR 2017). Plus, the number of men using Pinterest increased by over 50% in 2017, so expect it to continue growing.

Number of Pinterest Users

The number of Pinterest users worldwide continues to increase month on month, with some amazing improvements in Pinterest LensVisual SearchSections and more.

Buying Power of Pinterest Users

40% of Pinterest users have a household income of $100k+, making them well positioned to purchase products they love.

All stats are from the Pinterest Business Blog 2017, unless otherwise stated.

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Pinterest Can Bring a Huge Number of Visitors to Your Shop

Yep, Pinterest can bring a huge number of visitors to your shop - as in more than 50% of your visitors! What this means is that you’re getting all those extra visitors on top of your Etsy, Google and other social media traffic. And there are lots of Etsy shop owners getting this type of traffic. It does take patience and an understanding about how Pinterest works, but marketing does takes patience, effort and understanding, regardless of the platform.

Actual Monthly Etsy Traffic Stats from 2017

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Pinterest is a great marketing tool. It is not a sales tool. What this means is that Pinterest can get people into your shop. Then once they’re through the ‘door’, it’s up to you to convince them to make a purchase, or convert them. In the same way as if you had a physical store, you might use a marketer to create flyers and hand them out to bring your target market to your store, and then you or your sales staff convert them into buyers, after they walk through the door.

Pinterest is Image-Based and Keyword-Based, similar to Etsy

There are many similarities between Etsy and Pinterest. Shoppers use them both to make or inform purchases. They both rely heavily on images and they both require keywords in order to be found. This is great news, because once you understand how to keyword and how to take great photographs for Etsy, it becomes a lot quicker and easier to learn how to use Pinterest.

One key difference is that Pinterest uses both text and images to find what you’re looking for. Yep, Pinterest uses some pretty amazing technology that can identify when an image contains a hat, a blue car, a red scarf, or thousands (possibly even millions) of other items and colours, without needing to rely on text or file names.

To learn more about what makes a great Pinterest image, check out this blog. It also provides some great tips for the look and feel of product images that you can use on Etsy and other ecommerce platforms.

Pinners sometimes search on different keywords than Etsy shoppers, so you need to be able to find these keywords, add them to the right places and construct them in human-friendly sentences.

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Note the search above is for a “black suitcase”. The image on the right has neither of the words black or suitcase anywhere in its description or it’s file name. Pinterest has matched the image of the black suitcase with the search.

Etsy ❤ Pinterest

Etsy helps sellers by providing several features that link your Etsy shop with Pinterest and make it easy for customers:

  • Pinterest button that lets customers save your products to their Pinterest account. When they do this, their followers have the opportunity of seeing and saving your products too. This is a great tool for getting your products seen by new audiences.
  • Pinterest button that takes customers to your Pinterest profile so they can follow you. This means they get to see when you save new products or other items that interest them.
  • Rich Pins are automatically enabled for all Etsy products. Rich Pins help business owners by:
    1. Displaying the cost, title and product description from your Etsy listing. If you update any of these things in your listing, it’s automatically updated on Pinterest.
    2. Ranking your products higher in Pinterest searches, therefore driving more traffic to your shop.

Pinterest helps sellers by:

  • Allowing you to include your shop URL in your profile.
  • Automatically linking your saved products back to their Etsy listing, making it quick and easy to purchase.

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Pinterest is Free

Pinterest doesn’t cost anything to use, as a user or as a business. There is only one thing on Pinterest that costs $ and that’s advertising, or taking out advertisements, which is totally your choice. The 50.6% Pinterest traffic shown in the “Actual Monthly Etsy Traffic Stats in 2017” image was all achieved organically ie. for free - not one single advertisement.

You don't need to pay for advertising on Pinterest if you get the basics right. Once you've got the basics under control, you can then decide whether to advertise products that are already doing well on Pinterest.

Tip: Don't pay to advertise products that aren't already doing well on their own - this is like paying somebody who doesn't know you to be your friend.

Where do I start?

First, you’ll need a Pinterest business account. A business account provides additional features such as analytics and other cool features that help your business get noticed. This guide takes you through everything you need to know about how to Set Up Your Pinterest Business Account, including how to convert your current user account, how to set up a brand-new business account, how to keyword your profile and how to optimise your profile so you get found on Pinterest. It also contains screen shots and examples to help you along the way.

If you’d like to learn more about Pinterest, this blog is a great starting point.

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