Why Your Business Needs Pinterest

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a visual and text-based search tool that people use with the intention of finding things to buy or discover, either now or in the future. This allows Pinterest to learn a lot about people’s interests, preferences and buying habits, and use it to improve the Pinterest experience, for users and business marketers alike.

Why Use Pinterest to Grow Your Business?

93% of Pinners (Pinterest users) use it to plan for purchases, making it essentially a shopping platform.

There are over 440 million shoppers globally on Pinterest every month, and growing rapidly.

87% of Pinners bought something because of content they saw on Pinterest.

72% of Pinners say Pinterest introduces them to new brands and services.

(Sources: Pinterest 2016, 2019 and Millward Brown 2015)

What all this means for your businesses is that Pinterest that the ability to deliver the following benefits:

  • boost sales, both online and instore
  • grow email lists
  • engage both new and existing customers
  • build awareness of your brand
  • understand customers and potential customers in new ways
  • increase the number of people that visit your website

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Source: Mary Meeker's 2016 Internet Trends Report

How Does Pinterest Work?

Businesses post their content in the form of a Pin, with engaging, inspirational, quality content and great images that link back to their website. If it fits within a Pinner’s interests or is something they search on, the Pin may then appear in their home feed or search results. Depending on the type of Pin, Pinners may do one of the following:

  • buy straight away, within the Pinterest app
  • click through to the website to purchase or learn more about the item and/or browse other products and services
  • Pin or save the content to their boards (eg. when gathering ideas for an event) and come back to it later

According to Forbes 80% of pinners buy within 3 weeks of pinning!

Pinners follow brands and other Pinners whose content they’re interested in. This provides a wider variety of ideas in their feeds. It also ensures content goes around and around within the ecosystem and is seen by many and varied Pinners worldwide, and the cycle continues, sometimes for years. Great news for your business!

Pinners love Pinterest images to be meaningful and to illustrate how products can be used in real life. This helps them imagine themselves wearing those jeans, making that recipe, using that device or taking that next step.

Why use Pinterest Marketing Instead of Other Social Platforms?

People use Pinterest to shop. So logically, if you want to market your products online, it fits that you would do so on Pinterest. Here’s what the guru of identifying internet trends, Mary Meeker, outlined in her 2017 Internet Trends report:

  • There are currently 3.4 billion global internet users - that’s a huge audience!
  • Online advertising and commerce is becoming increasingly measurable and actionable, allowing businesses to better understand their market and the value of their advertising.
  • Internet advertising is growing 22% each year, with companies spending more on mobile advertising (51%) than desktop (49%) in 2016. While Pinterest is a web and mobile app, 85% of Pinners use the mobile app.
  • Global internet advertising spend is anticipated to overtake TV advertising spend late in 2017, which makes sense because the internet has far greater reach than television.

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