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Pinterest Account Setup

Which Pinterest Setup option is right for me - Core, Competitive or Comprehensive?
  • Core - The ideal option if you already have a Pinterest account with some Boards and Pins, but you want the core components of your account correctly setup and optimised at a very low cost.
  • Competitive - The perfect option for small businesses, with or without an existing Pinterest account, who want to start leveraging Pinterest to grow referral traffic, brand awareness and customer following at a highly competitive price.
  • Comprehensive - Tailored for small businesses who want their Pinterest Account comprehensively setup to be best placed for rapid success, with a wide range of on-brand, SEO optimised Boards and Pins.
Can I get my Pinterest account setup without subscribing to a Management Plan?

Sure. I've deliberately separated out the Account Setup and Management services so you can choose whether to use Lola Mack for your ongoing marketing or do it yourself. The key here is to get your Pinterest account correctly setup so that ongoing marketing has the best chance of real success.

If you are considering doing the ongoing Pinterest marketing yourself, I'd recommend you really think through the realities of that option. Most importantly, get a good understanding of how you'll manage the work to ensure that the significant time and effort required to successfully market your brand doesn't negatively impact other areas of your business (and personal life!).

Once I've chosen a Setup option, what happens next?
  1. Just head to the Pinterest Setup options page and purchase your chosen option.
  2. You'll receive email confirmation of your purchase and a link to a quick and easy onboarding form.
  3. I'll then get in touch to check the form details and ensure we've got everything right before starting.
  4. Your Pinterest account will be setup, SEO optimised and configured in line with your chosen plan in 5 - 15 working days.
  5. That's it. I'll notify you when it's ready and provide some great info on how best to benefit from your newly setup account. 

At this point I'll check in with you to see if you want to subscribe to a Pinterest Management Plan.

Pinterest Management Plans

Which Pinterest Management Plan is right for me - Starter, Growth or Accelerate?
  • Starter - The ideal choice if you want to start getting referral traffic and building a presence on Pinterest, but are either just starting out or have a very limited marketing budget. 
  • Growth - Perfect for small businesses who want to achieve real growth of referral traffic to their website or store, build brand awareness and a loyal customer following on Pinterest. 
  • Accelerate - Tailored for small businesses with a less constrained marketing budget and who are looking to achieve accelerated growth on Pinterest.
What is a Subscription period and how do they differ?

When you choose a Pinterest Management Plan you also have the choice of three different subscription periods. This is the number of months of management that you want to commit to. It also determines the level of discount you'll receive for that commitment.

  • Monthly - No lock-in contract, just pay month by month.
  • Quarterly - Pay for 3 months upfront and receive a 10% discount on the monthly cost!
  • 6 Monthly - Pay for 5 months upfront and get 1 month completely free! (6 months for the price of 5)

You can change to a different subscription period (Monthly, Quarterly or 6 Monthly) at anytime. Your current subscription will continue until its subscription end date. Your new subscription period will then start immediately.

Do I need to have my Pinterest account setup before subscribing to a plan?

Absolutely. To help ensure we get the best possible results from your investment in a Pinterest Management Plan (Starter, Growth or Accelerate) we must first get your Pinterest Business account correctly setup and optimised. Just buy any of the Pinterest Setup options (Core, Competitive or Comprehensive) first. Once the setup is complete we'll work through the best choice of Management Plan for your business.

If your Pinterest account has already been professionally setup within the last 3 months, including keywording with the latest Pinterest keywords and full account optimisation, please contact me at to discuss alternate Setup options.

Can any Pinterest account be managed or are there limitations?

We recommend our Clients should be publishing a minimum of 15 new images per month to their blog, website or store. This can be 3 blog posts with 5 images in each post, 1 post with 15 images, 5 products with 3 images of each product, 15 products with 1 image or any combination of the above.

Can I send you images to work with?

All Pinterest Management plans include sourcing images directly from your website.

If you have images that aren’t on your website but you want them posted on Pinterest, simply purchase a Pin Designs PowerUp and send me the images. I’ll rework them into on-brand, keyworded and fully optimised Pin Designs and then post them during your next month of Pinterest Management.

If there are images on your website that will not work well on Pinterest (due to incorrect aspect ratio or targeting), I may recommend that you purchase a Pin Designs PowerUp.

Can I cancel my subscription at anytime?

Sure. Your paid subscription can be cancelled anytime. Your Service(s) will continue until the subscription end date. No further charges will be made unless you re-subscribe.

Can I change my plan later on?

Absolutely! You can upgrade or downgrade your plan (Starter, Growth or Accelerate) or move to a different subscription period (Monthly, Quarterly or 6 Monthly) at anytime. Your current plan and subscription period will continue until the subscription end date. Your new plan and/or subscription period will then start immediately after.

Will you renew my subscription automatically?

Yes, your subscription will be automatically renewed either monthly, quarterly or 6 monthly, according to your chosen subscription period.

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes! We offer an increasing discount depending on the subscription period you choose. 5% discount for Quarterly plans, 10% discount for 6 Monthly plans and 15% discount for Annual plans. Contact Lola to discuss your preferred Management Plan and subscription period.

Can I request a refund?

All subscription plans are paid upfront and are non-refundable. Please see our Terms of Service for details.

Pinterest Powerups

Do I need an active subscription to buy Pinterest Powerups for my account?

Yes. Pinterest Powerups have been designed to help boost the success of your current Pinterest Management Plan (Starter, Growth or Accelerate). They allow you to leverage additional marketing power for your Pinterest account whenever it works best for you - during a promotion, specific seasons or any other time that works for your business.

What new Powerups are in the works and can I make a request?

I'm currently assessing a number of new Pinterest Powerups, including 'Board Booster' and 'Community Growth'. If the assessments are positive then I'll look to make the Powerups available shortly.

I'm always keen to receive feedback, so if you want to see a new service or Powerup made available just let me know here.