Step 3: Boost your Pinterest success with PowerUps

Pin Designs

On-brand, targeted and fully optimised Pin Designs to help drive increased engagement and click-throughs.

  • On-brand and Targeted

    Your colour palette, preferred fonts and target audience information can be used to design Pins that drive brand recognition and engage your audience.

  • Pinterest or Multi-Platform

    Choose either a Pinterest design (2:3 aspect ratio - recommended) or a multi-platform design (1:1 aspect ratio) to allow the image to be posted on additional channels such as Facebook and Insta.

  • Keyword optimised

    It's not just about designing great Pin images. Each Pin comes with a description packed (but not stuffed) with popular Pinterest keywords to help ensure your newly designed Pins are quickly found by the right audience.

  • Ready for Pinterest Ads

    Take full advantage of your new Pin designs by advertising them on Pinterest. Just buy one or more Pinterest Ad Packs and Lola Mack will do the rest.

  • End to End Service

    Just choose which blog posts, products or services you'd like designs for and that's it. Lola Mack will design, schedule and publish Pins that are on-brand, keyworded and tailored to engage your target audience.

  • Designed in sets of 5 Pins


Oustanding Value!

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Ads Boost

Increase engagement and click-throughs to your website or shop by boosting your monthly Ad spend.

  • Boost by $50, $100 or $200

    Help increase your Ad Campaign's success by boosting your Monthly Ad Campaign spend.

  • End to End Service

    Just buy one or more Ad Campaigns and Lola Mack will do the rest!

  • Fully Targeted Campaigns

    Lola Mack will configure all components of your Ad Campaign to ensure it's targeted to your Brand's demographic.

  • Product Suitability Review

    Your products will be reviewed for Ad suitability, selecting only those that are most likely to perform well through advertising and are available (e.g. in stock).

  • Ad Tracking

    Each Ad is assigned a tracking URL so the results can be analysed in apps such as Google Analytics.

  • Monitoring and Reporting

    If you're subscribed to either the Growth or Accelerate Pinterest Management plans, your Ad Campaign stats will be included in your monthly report

A$50 / month

No lock-in contract, cancel anytime

Coming Soon!

More great Pinterest Power-ups are in the works and will be available here soon!

  • More Power-Ups coming soon!




The Comprehensive Option

one-off Setup fee